Creating a Custom Workflow Activity in MS CRM 2011 (Updated)

UPDATE 10-23-2013: Added a link on how to attach an SSRS report to an e-mail!
UPDATE 10-03-2013: Added a link on how to send an e-mail to a team!

Want to create a custom workflow activity in MS CRM 2011? Just follow Microsoft’s guide here.

As an FYI, here are some of the hitches I came across (this was before I read Microsoft’s guide above):

  • Make sure you create a web reference to your CRM 2011 Reporting Services (typically http://<server>/ReportServer/ReportExecution2005.asmx)
  • Make sure you generate your Xrm.cs file and reference it in your class file:
    CrmSvcUtil.exe /out:Xrm.cs /url:http<s>://<CRMSERVER>/XRMServices/2011/Organization.svc /domain:<DOMAIN> /username:<USERNAME> /password:<PASSWORD> /namespace:Xrm /serviceContextName:XrmDataContext
  • Make sure you download the CRM 2011 Plugin Registration Tool, which is included in CRM 2011 SDK download.

So, what can custom workflow activities do for you? Well, here’s some use cases:

Interested? Good, because I’ll be posting an article for each of the above use cases in the next few days!