MacBook Pro Retina Battery Life Issues?

Do you have the new MacBook Pro Retina? Running Mountain Lion 10.8.1 or less? Are you having battery life issues? Then head on over to, which has a fix that worked for me. It seems that there’s a issue with a configuration file called that resides in your Preferences folder that you need to delete (don’t worry, it will be recreated automatically). If you’re too lazy (like me :-)) to click on the link, here are your options:

  • Via the terminal:
    1. Open up a terminal.
    2. Type cd ~/Library/Preferences/ then press enter.
    3. Type rm then press enter.
    4. Type killall Dock then press enter. This will restart the Dock and subsequently recreate the plist file you just deleted.
  • Via Finder:
    1. Click on the Go menu item at the top.
    2. Click on the Go to Folder… menu item.
    3. Type ~/Library/Preferences/ then press enter.
    4. Find the file and move it to the Trash.
    5. Reboot.